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Hi! I’m Austin Fadely, founder of College Conquerors. I’ve spent over 8 years in Education working as a textbook writer and tutor. I’ve done work for organizations like Sylvan, Kaplan, Pearson, and Holt McDougall.

Recently, I’ve started speaking at high schools and offering my services as a success coach to college and college-bound students. So many schools are too busy teaching to the tests, that students miss out on critical success skills that can help them hit the ground running after graduation. My goal is to fill those knowledge gaps.

In addition to the online courses, I currently offer two in-person programs. You can learn more about them on the Work with Me page.

Only 1 in 5 students graduate on time. Delayed graduation costs families an average of $11,000 per semester. Our courses teach what high schools don’t: lifelong skills for success in college and beyond. See a free preview of our college preparedness course !

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