Hello and welcome to College Conquerors!

This is not a typical college prep program. Rather than focus on test taking and other skills that don’t prepare you for the next step, I focus on proven success skills that get you where you need to go. Traditional programs that focus on test prep, though useful for getting a good grade on a test, are somewhat myopic in that rarely do those skills transfer to anything beyond school. College life is far more than academics. So many students struggle with the social changes as well as their studies. It’s a time of transition and growth, and there weren’t any programs designed to really guide students through this period until now.

With College Conquerors, I want you to learn valuable life skills that will help you graduate with honors, land a job after college, and succeed in your career. These are the same techniques professionals learn to get promotions and start their own businesses, and they work with anything as long as you know how to apply them.

You can read more about me and my mission with College Conquerors. Just follow the links below.