Austin Fadely

Who Is Austin Fadely?

Hi! My name is Austin Fadely, and I am a student and young-professional success coach. I’ve spent over eight years in the education industry writing textbooks for companies like Sylvan, Kaplan, McDougal Littel, and Pearson.

I’ve also worked directly with students as a tutor and volunteer at high schools in the DC/MD/VA area. I wrote Conquering College, a guide to help high schoolers and parents navigate the college application and scholarship process.

Over the years, I have met with students, academic advisors, admissions counselors, and recent grads. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to acknowledges a pervasive problem: students just aren’t prepared for college. Simply put, high school graduates lack the skill set to do well in college, even the “A+” students.

Though many students do eventually adjust, the time lost causes most students to stay in college at least a semester longer. In fact, only 20% of students graduate in 4 years. That lost time can cost families an average of $11,000 a semester! Not to mention, students whose grades slip may risk losing scholarship money.

I want to show you and your student what you can do to hit the ground running. We need to reverse this trend; college is expensive enough without paying for extra semesters.

Back Story

Starting College Conquerors was not an instant decision for me. The road began in 2011 when my younger sister began asking me questions about college. I attended my undergrad at UMBC from 2004 to 2007. Like everyone else, I ran up against some challenges that first semester, but using a graduation plan I put together, I was able to graduate a semester early with honors. I then spent my first few professional years learning the stark reality that what I learned in college didn’t adequately prepare me for life as a young professional. I had to learn to be proactive and start thinking in terms of how can I find out the things I don’t know that I don’t know. Fast forward a few years, and I find myself having this conversation with my sister about what she should focus on and what is not as important.

What started as a casual conversation with family soon turned into a desire to help as many students as possible. If only someone were there to guide me through those first few years, I would have had a much smoother transition to becoming a working adult. That is what I wanted to bring to students.

I began interviewing high school students to get at the root of their concerns and anxieties. I then called up Universities around the country to talk to admissions counselors and Deans of Admission. What resulted was my first book: Conquering College, which was finally published in 2015. In April 2016, I published by second book: Contender, which helps young professionals navigate the job hunt from resume to salary negotiation.

My Goal

I can help your student over the next 4-6 years of their lives. Not only can I show them (and you) how to prioritize their lives in college to make the most of the experience, but I can also help them leap from student to professional without the usual pitfalls.


I grew up in Southern Maryland in a little town called Port Republic in Calvert County. I went to school at UMBC in Baltimore, where I majored in English Communications and played on the club lacrosse team. I studied abroad in Swansea, Wales, UK and graduated a semester early in 2007.

I came out of college not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Fortunately, I had secured an internship in Baltimore, which blossomed into a job that supported me for the next several years in my life. Through the course of that job, I worked on textbooks for major education publishers.

In 2009, I moved down to North Carolina with my girlfriend/soon-to-be fiancé. In 2010, I moved into the technology industry as a project manager and have been working in that space ever since, often taking on hiring and recruiting roles in addition to normal operations. While living in NC, I became a father three times over and earned my MBA at Wake Forest.

In 2014, my family and I moved back to the DC area and now live in Northern Virginia. In my spare time, I enjoy SCUBA diving, traveling, and reading. I hope to join a men’s lacrosse league once time allows.