College Preparation

86% of professors say students aren’t prepared for college*

With rising tuition costs and more and more students having trouble adjusting to college life, college preparation has become a necessity for the modern student. Every year, 20 million high school students are catapulted into a drastically different and ever changing learning environment. Though some eventually transition, too many students are failing and getting discouraged. That is why college prep classes are becoming ever more important.

Why is this happening?

Though high schools do their best to prepare students for college, the reality is that the emphasis on standardized testing is too high. Apart from the higher number of tests and the typical college exams like the SAT and ACT, teachers have a hard enough time covering regular curriculum. The result is a generation of students that are well primed for test taking and little else. The fear of failure also contributes to students that are afraid to seek help and feel discouraged when college proves to be more challenging than they thought.

How does College Conquerors help?

Our College Preparedness course was built with the college transition in mind. Knowing that students struggle with more than just the academic rigor, the College Preparedness course covers a broad range of topics including Time Management, Social Changes, Study Skills, Budgeting, Conflict Resolution, and more. Our course is designed to provide students with the tools they need to not just survive college, but conquer it.

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