Graduate on Time

Nearly 2/3 of college students won’t graduate on time

The cost of tuition is skyrocketing, which is why it’s more important than ever to graduate college on time. The problem is that the opposite is happening. A New York Times article states that only 36% of students graduate on time at private universities. The number is even worse for public universities, where the on-time graduation rate is around 19%.

Why is this happening?

Though individual teachers and schools certainly try to prepare their students for the next step, the system requires them to teach to the tests. Standardized testing in public schools has forced students and teachers to spend a significant amount of class time covering test taking strategies rather than critical thinking skills. There is also no discussion on the social changes students face in college and how unfamiliar everything will be.

How does College Conquerors help?

Our goal is to prepare students for the next step. To do that, we have to discuss a wide range of topics including study habits, living with roommates, time management, budgeting, and so much more. When students learn what to expect, they’ll be able to transition more quickly and avoid struggling through their first semester.

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