20% of Students Graduate on Time – How to Prepare Your Student

There is a growing problem with our students’ education. Statistically more and more students are graduating high school completely unprepared for college. The result is that more and more students are taking 5 and even 6 years to graduate. Not only are families forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars more than they need to, students that don’t graduate on time run a higher risk of not graduating at all!

Join me for a free webinar to discuss how you can make sure your student is prepared for the challenges ahead.

Who Is the Host?

Education Experience

Hi! My name is Austin Fadely, and I am a student and young-professional success coach. I’ve spent over eight years in the education industry writing textbooks for companies like Sylvan, Kaplan, McDougal Littel, and Pearson.

I’ve also worked directly with students as a tutor and volunteer at high schools in the DC/MD/VA area. I wrote Conquering College, a guide to help high schoolers and parents navigate the college application and scholarship process.

Over the years, I have met with students, academic advisors, admissions counselors, and recent grads. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to acknowledges a pervasive problem: students just aren’t prepared for college. Simply put, high school graduates lack the skill set to do well in college, even the “A+” students.

Though many students do eventually adjust, the time lost causes most students to stay in college at least a semester longer. In fact, only 20% of students graduate in 4 years. That lost time can cost families an average of $11,000 a semester! Not to mention, students whose grades slip may risk losing scholarship money.

I want to show you and your student what you can do to hit the ground running. We need to reverse this trend; college is expensive enough without paying for extra semesters.

What Will this Webinar Cover?

I’ve packed as much information as I can into one hour. We will discuss:

  • Why are students graduating high school unprepared for the next step?
  • What skills does your student need (but hasn’t been taught) to succeed on Day 1?
  • If your student is behind already, what can be done to catch up?
  • What University resources are available for students and why should they use them?

I’ll also leave time to take your questions at the end.

Parents and students are welcome to join. Please fill out the form below and look for a confirmation email.

Dates and Times:

Thursday April 14th, 2016

Time: 8:30 – 9:30 pm EST