Time Management

Personal Management

Time Management (Preview)

Length: 8 minutes Author: Complexity: Standard

There is no more critical skill than time management. Being able to make commitments and following through with them is all part of this skill. In this lesson, we will review some key behaviors for successful time management and review how to use Google Calendar.

Prioritizing Tasks with Pareto

Length: 5 minutes Author: Complexity: Standard

Being able to prioritize your tasks takes practice and effort. In this lesson, we discuss a methodology based on Pareto's Law also known as the 80/20 rule. This helps you prioritize tasks that give you the greatest return for your effort over those that do not.

Prioritizing Tasks with 7 Habits

Length: 5 minutes Author: Complexity: Standard

In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , author Stephen Covey talks a bit about where people ought to focus their time. He categorizes all tasks into one of four quadrants called types. This lesson uses that concept to explain how to prioritize tasks by placing them into one of four categories.

Prioritizing Tasks with CARVER

Length: 5 minutes Author: Complexity: Hard

CARVER was initially developed by the military for target selection. In this lesson, we adapt CARVER to help prioritize tasks based on six categorical evaluation criteria. The task with the largest score takes priority. This is the most in-depth method of task prioritization, but it ultimately provides a clearer picture into the tasks being prioritized.