Structured to Unstructured


Structured to Unstructured

Length: 8 minutes Author: Complexity: Standard

One of the biggest changes from high school to college is the change of having someone schedule your time for you to scheduling time for yourself. High school is regimented and routine with most students having the same several classes every day. College follows a much more unstructured lifestyle, and that requires increased discipline and autonomy. Many students find the change stressful and wind up not doing as well their first semester. This lesson speaks to those changes to help prepare students for the change.

Building a Support Network

Length: 10 minutes Author: Complexity: Standard

Studies show that people are happier when they have a solid support network in place. This includes everything from friends, family, tutors, teaching assistants, and faculty. Students that are happier are more engaged and are far more likely to succeed. New college students are thrown into a new, and unfamiliar environment where there are expected not just to learn but also have the time of their lives. So many students get lost or felt let down when things don't turn out to be so easy. This lesson focuses on what students can do to make sure they build a solid support network at school by reaching out, trying new activities, and making good friends.

Living with Roommates

Length: 13 minutes Author: Complexity: Standard

One of the toughest things to adjust to in college is living with a roommate. Even if you're used to sharing a room with a sibling, you'll now be sharing a room with someone you have never lived with before and possibly never even met before. There are a lot of rules, expectations, and assumptions you'll need to figure out. Having a safe and comfortable living space is a critical part of your happiness and your ability to study effectively. You can't focus on school if you're in a bad living situation. This lesson will cover topics on living with new people and offer advice on how best to lay the groundwork for a healthy living situation.

Re-inventing Yourself

Length: 7 minutes Author: Complexity: Standard

College is a wonderful opportunity to try new things and explore opportunities you haven't had before. You may find that many of your high school friends change in different ways as they find they enjoy different things. College can be a time of re-invention for yourself. It can seem confusing, and you may even worry about appearing phony to some of your old friends, but growth is a natural part of life and learning. This lesson discusses some of the challenges of personal change and development in college.

Conflict Resolution

Length: 8 minutes Author: Complexity: Hard

Conflict can arise in any relationship, be it between friends, roommates, professors, or co-workers. One of the most important skills to have is the ability to resolve conflict. Everyone has a different conflict style, and any situation can be solved in one of three major ways. Some ways are better than others. The key to an excellent resolution is a mindset where all parties can be served, heard, and respected.